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Freeze dried candy

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ree delivery  with $30  order to  Coldstream Vernon Lumby
-Free delivery  with $50  order to Kelowna, Armstrong, Enderby

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over $50 in Canada

What Makes Our
Freeze Dried Candy Crazy good!

Our family takes pride in providing high quality freeze dried product. As we found out, there are many factors that need to be just right; especially when talking about candy, that can affect the taste, texture and enjoyment. Not all freeze dried candy out there is the same.


Here is how we do things better!

-Original ingredients

 (The same candy you know and love, no off brands)

- High quality and fresh 

(If candy was bought in bulk, dates matter, how they are stored all go into the quality of the candy)

- Pharmaceutical grade desiccant

 (It does not get better then this and gives the best crunch and preservation)

-Premium package

(Keeps candy fresher)

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Who We Are

Our Story

We are a small family run business, aiming to provide the tastiest (and sometimes healthiest) freeze dried snacks. We are working with local growers in the Okanagan to bring freshness all year round. Expect to see a selection of freeze dried candies, and local produce from the farms and orchards around us.

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