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Introducing our Freeze Dried Multipack: Best of 2023, a delicious assortment of our top-selling freeze dried candies. This multipack includes a variety of flavors, from tangy crunches to chocolate with caramel. Each bite is filled with intense flavor and a satisfying crunch, thanks to our freeze drying process. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, camping trips, or as a unique addition to your dessert table. Try our Freeze Dried Multipack: Best of 2023 today and experience the perfect combination of flavor and crunch. 


Contains the following items freeze dried:

Freeze dried Original Skittles

Freeze dried Wildberry Skittles

Freeze dried Werther's Chewy Caramel 

Freeze dried Jolly Ranchers

Freeze dried Tropical Skittles

Freeze dried Ice Cream Sandwich

Freeze dried Saltwater taffy

Freeze dried gummy clusters

Freeze dried Sour Skittles

Freezer dried M+M Caramel

Restock Feb 1: Freeze Dried Multipack: Best of 2023

C$80.00 Regular Price
C$75.00Sale Price
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