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Suffering succotash. This is an atomic bomb. Enough freeze dried Skittles to possibly burn a hole through the centre of the earth, or cause a chain reaction that will wipe out the universe. 

We ship this in two individual big mylar bags, local delivery is in two deli cups, each with it's own dessicants. Because it's probably impossible to eat this many freeze dried Skittles in one sitting without going to the highest plane. 


Equivalent to over 8 regular sized bags!  

Freeze Dried Multipack - The Big Kahuna (560g)

C$64.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price
  • We're a (very) small business, but we aim to please with our shipping. When you buy something, it's in stock and ready to ship. We will ship it via Canada Post in under 24 hours, and get you a tracking number so that you can watch your tasty treats on their journey to you. If you have a deadline (birthday, wedding, special event), please contact us for shipping options.

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