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Many of these you know, but there might be some in here that are new to you - we're always updating. One of almost all the candy we currently make so far, leaves (almost) nothing on the table! It's not like you're going to eat it all in one sitting, right! Right? 15 of our favourites and best sellers.



Skittles Original (70g)

Skittles Sour (70g)

Skittles Tropical (70g)

Skittles Berry (70g)

Skittles Mix (70g)

Werther's Chewy Caramel (10-12 pieces)

Jolly Ranchers (10-12 pieces)

Saltwater Taffy (10-12 pieces)

Airheads (10-12 pieces)

Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwich bites (9-10 peices)

M&M Caramel (60g)

Charleston Chew Vanilla (9-12 pieces)

Charleston Chew Chocolate (9-12 pieces)

Sour Brite worms (6-8 pieces)

Hi Chew (10-12 pieces)


Restock Feb 15: Freeze Dried Multipack: Candy connoisseur

C$120.00 Regular Price
C$110.00Sale Price
  • We're a (very) small business, but we aim to please with our shipping. When you buy something, it's in stock and ready to ship. We will ship it via Canada Post in under 24 hours, and get you a tracking number so that you can watch your tasty treats on their journey to you. If you have a deadline (birthday, wedding, special event), please contact us for shipping options.

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