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Strawberries from a small farm just outside of Cherryville, BC. Located halfway up a mountain, these are fed with mountain water, and are 'no spray'. This means that they are as close to Organic as you can get without being Organic certifed. Certification costs money and small farms can't always afford it, but we know that Julie takes enormous care with her crop, including hand picking them for us!


Fun story - we took some Strawberries back to the farm for a taste test and to show what we had done. Julie, the farmer, asked if we had added sugar. Nope, her Strawberries were just that sweet. We don't add anything to the fruit we sell, just high quality fruit sourced as locally as we can.

Freeze Dried 'no spray' Strawberries

This product is 'in stock' but this pre order is for pick up at Creative Chaos June 7-9 2024 in Vernon, BC
  • These are Strawberries, please don't eat them if you are allergic to Strawberries. otherwise, enjoy.

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